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General Information

-What do we do at Spring Lake Outpost?

We offer self-guided kayak and canoe trips down the Little River. We cover three miles of the river.


-Are trips suitable for newbies to kayaking and canoeing?

Yes of course, we offer paddling lessons and detailed safety briefs before anyone enters the water.


-Are there any age limitations to your trips?

Yes, the minimum age is 3. You must have a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) that will fit your child.


-Is there a weight limit on boats?

Yes, kayaks have a maximum capacity of 250 pounds and canoes a maximum capacity of 600 pounds.


Is alcohol allowed?

Yes, BUT… Responsible, moderate consumption is strongly enforced. All North Carolina and Waterways laws apply and are closely monitored by local and Wildlife Law Enforcement.


-How many people can fit in our boats?

Our kayaks fit one person and our canoes fit up to three adults within the 600-pound maximum capacity.


-Are dogs allowed on your trips?

Yes, but owners must provide a PFD (personal floatation device) for the dog.


-Are there snakes in the river?

Yes. The Little River has a widely diverse natural habitat that is teeming with wildlife! Snakes are certainly one of the many types of animals you might see on the river. Do not panic!


-What months do we operate?

April-October. We are open 7 days a week. Reservations are required Monday-Friday. Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are recommended Saturday-Sunday.


-How old do I have to be to rent from SLO?

You must have at least one member of your party that is 18 years of age. Anyone that is not 18 years of age must have consent from a parent or legal guardian.


River & Rates

-How does the river level affect trips and floats?


USGS River Gauge at the Manchester Bridge in Spring Lake, NC is the main indication of the current water level. To view water levels, click the “Water Levels” button. Every morning a staff member travels down the river to make sure that water levels are adequate for river trips.


-What classification of rapids are on the Little River?

The Little River does not have any rapid classification.


-How much does it cost to rent a boat?

Kayaks are $25/person and canoes are $30/person. BYOK is $10/person. North Carolina State tax NOT included in this price.


-What is included in our rental prices?

For rentals PFD (personal floatation device) and paddle are included as well as a complimentary paddling lesson before the river trip. If you BYOK and do not have a PFD (personal floatation device) or paddle you will have to rent these items from SLO.

-Do we offer group rates?

Yes, please contact us at 910-248-3409 for more details.


-Do I need to make a reservation?

Monday-Friday reservations are required. Saturday-Sunday walk-ins are welcome but reservations are recommended.


-Can I make a reservation the same day?

Yes, you can, although we do prefer you make reservations in advance. When making a reservation you do risk the chance of us being sold out. The reservation system will be able to show you which available spots we have.


-How can multiple people pay separately?

Each paying person can make a separate reservation for the same time slot.


-What is our cancellation/late policy?

We have a 48 Hour cancellation policy for full refunds. Cancellations made 24 Hours before your scheduled trip OR a cancellation due to weather, will be rescheduled or issued a voucher for a later date. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for your reservation contact us at 910-248-3409 ASAP. No changes to reservations allowed the day of your trip.


-Is a PFD (personal flotation device) required?

YES! We provide PFDs for all participants and the are required to be worn by EVERYONE while on the water.

Do I need a hat, sunglasses, or sun protection?

All the above! Bring sun protection!